Measure what matters

Analytics & Insights

Understand what drives results. Use these insights to measure, improve and grow.

Diving into the data

Analytics & Insights | BullandBear Ecommerce Agency

Insights on Demand

We combine automated dashboards that provide a digestible snapshot of the KPI’s you define with actionable insights so your business can spend less time finding and more time doing.

Analytics & Insights | BullandBear Ecommerce Agency

Keeping on top of  KPIs

Wether you are starting out on this digital journey or already on the way, we work with you to establish meaningful KPI’s that are aligned with your objectiives addressing both micro and macro drivers that ultimately lead to continuous improvement.

Analytics & Insights | BullandBear Ecommerce Agency

Continous Improvements

Always iterating, testing and improving. Our industry experts will regularly review your website to identify opportunities to improve to continually deliver incremental growth.

Analytics & Insights | BullandBear Ecommerce Agency

Analytics Integrations

Having no data is like driving with your eyes closed. We understand the importance of data and that’s why we take care of all your analytics integrations and configurations. Setting you up for success, so that you can measure, improve and grow.

Demystifying data

We pride ourselves on leveraging data to inform decision making and improve ROI. We understand that this is a black box and so we demystify data by working with you to first understand the goals that you want to achieve.

From there we integrate and configure multiple analytics tools which are setup to provide digestible dashboards of how your business is performing with actionable insights to drive performance.

Our experienced strategists work with you to arrive at insights that inform strategic business decisions and deliver higher ROI from your website and marketing programs.

What our clients say

Very easy to work with, always delivered and pushed us hard from an innovation perspective. We’ve had a great relationship over the years
Jay Radia

CEO, Yieldify

Hugely conscientious and thorough, with a fantastic eye for detail. Their commitment to the website creation and management of the CRM system had a lasting impact on the success of the business.
Nick Rinylo

Founder, ASSISTED.

Passionate about their work with a completely open and transparent way of working meaning both teams got the absolute best from one another.
Jessica Fisher

EMEA Services Director, Yieldify

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